Contracts, Policies, and Regulations

contratos asesoria legal abogadosOur firm offers advice on the drafting and updating of contracts, manuals, policies, regulations, or any other instrument necessary for the management of your company.

In this sense, we assist both in the initial drafting of these instruments and updating existing ones. We provide our services to respond to your company's requirements in a personalized and effective way. We assure you that all the content of the contracts, manuals, policies, regulations, and other instruments developed by our specialist lawyers will be following current employment and labor laws.

Additionally, because the labor regulations establish minimum rights, nothing prevents the company, according to its possibilities, from expanding the benefits specified in the law. Nevertheless, companies need to take certain precautions when regulating additional benefits and incentives in a business policy.

We are aware that it is increasingly common for entities to reward their executives with different forms of incentives and compensation. Over more than two decades, we have successfully advised numerous companies to develop their compensation plans, including some of the largest employers in the country and leaders in their sector. Therefore, our lawyers are ready to collaborate in drafting and reviewing your company's compensation plans to avoid risks and contingencies.

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