litigios laborales abogado costa ricaAlthough our firm is recognized for adopting solutions and strategies to reduce the risk of possible judicial or administrative claims, there are situations in which it is not possible to avoid a conflict. Faced with circumstances in which the heritage or reputation of your company may be seriously affected, we have a team of litigators technically and ethically prepared to assume the defense of your interests.

Likewise, we have a specialized area in employment and social security litigation, which for more than 20 years has represented national companies, multinationals, and public institutions in thousands of administrative and judicial disputes. We have extensive experience in complex litigation. We have represented companies and public institutions in the face of mass lawsuits of more than 500 workers and in claims that, due to their amount, could seriously compromise finances or even cause the closure of the company.

Our litigation team is distinguished by its broad level of legal and technical knowledge, which makes it possible to establish personalized, effective, and innovative strategies to defend the interests of your company. In addition, thanks to a highly specialized approach, we have been able to stand out for obtaining a very high degree of success in judicial disputes for our clients. The aforementioned is the result of the preventive work carried out and implemented in companies, through continuous advice and the preparation of judicial and administrative defense by the members of our firm.

Currently, our teams of specialists serve as legal advisors and representatives in the following types of administrative and judicial proceedings:

  Administrative complaints before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

  Administrative proceedings before the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and other institutions collecting social charges or worker-employer fees.

  Judicial claims in the labor and constitutional jurisdiction.

In the same way, our litigation team is trained to determine the most effective way to avoid or conclude a judicial or administrative procedure. In this sense, the Godinez y Asociados Law Firm also provides advice and representation in conciliations and mediations at the judicial, administrative level, or before private conflict resolution centers.

The team has participated in numerous internal disciplinary procedures, either as members of the governing body of the procedure or as external advisers.

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