Corporate Social Responsability

Bufete Godinez y Asociados offers advice to the Human Resources department or the entity in charge of managing the corporate social responsibility of your company so that its policies and initiatives are aligned internally (workers, shareholders, partners, etc.) and externally (local community, suppliers, contractors, etc.) with the strategy and objectives of your business.

This is carried out by creating, implementing, and evaluating a social responsibility program with a methodology developed by our group of experts.

We have professionals capable of guaranteeing each client:

  The creation of the general policy on social responsibility aligned with the strategy of your company.

  The creation and implementation, within the company, of the social responsibility management model.

  The definition of its stakeholders.

  The awareness and training of staff in social responsibility practices.

  The preparation of specific and appropriate material to the organizational needs in social responsibility.

  Carrying out the annual social balance.

  The development of a code of ethics.

  Support in the drafting of reports on social responsibility before different international organizations.

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