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The necessary requirements to establish an acquired right are analyzed, highlighting the difference between an acquired right and an expectation of a right.
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Solidarity Associations in Costa Rica

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 11 Jan 2024 | View Counts (1124)
A brief analysis of the benefits derived from the constitution of a Solidarity Association.
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Dismissal due to unfair competition

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 24 Nov 2023 | View Counts (459)
Unfair competition is analyzed as a cause for dismissal without employer responsibility.
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In the case of Costa Rica, low performance or low productivity is a cause for dismissal without employer responsibility that is implicitly contained within the Labor Code and that is recognized by the jurisprudence of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.
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It is analyzed whether an employer can ask its workers to cover their visible tattoos during the work day.
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Analysis of aspects associated with the labor post-contractual non-competition agreement.
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On the occasion of judgments No. 2021-11996 of the Constitutional Chamber and No. 2022-656 of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, it is analyzed whether there are exceptional situations that force the employer to make salary reductions that exceed the minimum wage of the employee.
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Dismissal for unexcused absences

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 28 Jun 2022 | View Counts (1879)
Analysis of unjustified absences as grounds for dismissal without employer responsibility.
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The incidence of executive decrees No. 43542-S and No. 43544-S that were published on May 11, 2022 for employers in the private sector is analyzed.
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Breaks during the working day

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 18 May 2022 | View Counts (1358)
Analysis of the rest time that the worker must enjoy during his daily work day.
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