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Brief analysis of the regulations and the most important decisions of the Second Chamber on the facts that have been considered not to constitute occupational hazards.
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The severance and its calculation

Francisco Javier Bolaños Ulate | 30 Nov 2023 | View Counts (864)
A brief analysis of the most critical aspects of severance pay, its calculation, and in which cases the employer must pay it within the labor relations of the private sector.
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Brief analysis of the differences between the professional services contract (independent contractors) and labor contracting
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Detailed analysis of the possible sanctions for abandoning work, using as an example the action of watching football matches during the working day without the employer's permission.
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The activities that a worker can carry out while incapacitated are examined and the limitations that this condition entails
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The possibility of using WhatsApp messages to substantiate a dismissal is analyzed. Likewise, reference is made on how to circumvent the limitations imposed by the right to privacy and inviolability of communications.
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Regarding occupational risks, the employer maintains a series of obligations and responsibilities that derive from labor regulations, with which it must comply to avoid contingencies both with the employee and with the insurance company.
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