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Dismissal due to aggressions between workers

Jairo José Cerdas | 18 Apr 2024 | View Counts (38)
Incidents of aggression between workers are scrutinized as grounds for termination without bearing employer responsibility.
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While the employer is unable to implement a dismissal with liability while the worker is incapacitated, there is no rule prohibiting executing a dismissal without liability if it is determined that the worker has committed a serious offense before or during the incapacity.
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The severance and its calculation

Francisco Javier Bolaños Ulate | 30 Nov 2023 | View Counts (605)
A brief analysis of the most critical aspects of severance pay, its calculation, and in which cases the employer must pay it within the labor relations of the private sector.
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Dismissal due to unfair competition

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 24 Nov 2023 | View Counts (277)
Unfair competition is analyzed as a cause for dismissal without employer responsibility.
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In the case of Costa Rica, low performance or low productivity is a cause for dismissal without employer responsibility that is implicitly contained within the Labor Code and that is recognized by the jurisprudence of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.
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Detailed analysis of the possible sanctions for abandoning work, using as an example the action of watching football matches during the working day without the employer's permission.
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Alcohol consumption at work

Jairo José Cerdas | 28 Jun 2022 | View Counts (878)
The treatment that should be given to both occasional consumption and alcoholism among workers.
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Dismissal for unexcused absences

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 28 Jun 2022 | View Counts (1510)
Analysis of unjustified absences as grounds for dismissal without employer responsibility.
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The trial period in employment contracts

Alejandro Godínez Tobón | 02 Mar 2022 | View Counts (1275)
Analysis of the application of the trial period in employment contracts.
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The activities that a worker can carry out while incapacitated are examined and the limitations that this condition entails
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